'The Eyes of Chyenne Soulbird'
Believe it or not, this little book took fourteen years to write. The Eyes of Chyenne Soulbird is the story of Chyenne's care giving experience of a terminally ill parent.  During this time of isolation, she was routed inward on a spiritual journey that re-awakened her Native American heritage through a path of self-discovery born out of visions, dreams, and an inner dialogue of Spirit to Spirit.  Chyenne's freestyle of writing is thought provoking, imaginative and unique.

During those years of spiritual solitude on that perilous passageway of balance between Light and Darkness, she finds Love, Compassion and herself.

The Native American believes that a person’s individual
relationship with the Creator is a sacred one and that it can be unique in its expression.

This book is simply the expression of her relationship with Father and Mother Light.  It is an inner dialogue of Spirit to Spirit. In that dialogue, is the voice of the Universal Parental Spirit that lives in all things, the Ancient Grandmother, Earthen Mother and her own voice, too. And in that intimacy of  the sweetness of the Spirit, they are One.
One person writes “ Thank you so much for the ebook. Truly you have a great gift for writing. An incredible gift. And this comment comes from someone who has been reading great authors of late.  When I started reading it on the internet I almost couldn’t stop but had to as it was the wee hours of the morning. My husband printed it and had it bound. It ‘s just such a beautiful book and the fact that it can be read straight through or used as meditations makes it neat and unique.”
Michael from Chicago writes “ I thank you for your book. I have read only the first few pages and am already thoroughly intrigued. Though I will continue enjoying the read from my computer, I am also going to support you and your beautiful project and purchase a hard copy when it is published to add to my small collection of ‘favorites’.
Copyright 1986-2013 - all rights reserved.  No part may be copied without permission from the author.  Chyenne Morning Star

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