'The Eyes of Chyenne Soulbird'
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My mother had always felt she would have a girl child and said a prayer that she told me many times.  “Great Spirit, thank you for allowing me to care for this child.  I will love her and care for her, yet I know she is yours from beginning to end.  Let her feet walk the path you have placed before her in grace and beauty.  Truly I thank you for this gift.”

     Never in any portion of  this life would I have consciously planned or written the journey I have had.  Neither my mother nor myself ever thought we would end up caring for each other, as mother-daughter, sisters, or woman to woman on such a heart wrenching, intense, and beautiful path.  Just as she told Great Spirit that she would care for me in my beginning, I told Him before I came into this world, I would care for her in the end.  Life is circles within circles of beginnings and endings, births and deaths.   This experience is but one of them.

     And now, I too, can say, “Truly, Great Father, Great Mother, I thank you for this gift.”
Chyenne Morning Star and her husband, , live with their dog, a Newfoundland ,  in the beautiful Ozark Mountains.    She is a Peacemaker, www.chyennemorningstar.com writer, and artist.
Sunset on the lake
photo by Chyenne Morning Star
A nation is not defeated until the hearts of its Women are on the ground.
                                                                                           Cheyenne proverb
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