Author’s Note
Many people ask me how I got my name. I was born in the month of the Snow Moon, on Christmas Eve. When my mother was in the hospital the morning I was to enter this earthen form, she looked out her window and saw a Christmas Tree someone had placed on the surface of a flat roof across the street.  Crowning the top of the Tree was the Morning Star.  A name is a very personal thing. It is a nature, or character of someone.  When I was born, this name was given to me by my Spiritual Parents, and made manifest through my physical parents.  My father gave me one name (Cheyenne) and my mother the other name (Morning Star), neither one realizing that both names meant the same thing (the Cheyenne were known as the Morning Star people) and this naming was marked with a sign by Sacred Mother and Great Spirit in the Indian way of naming.

    Mother had always felt she would have a girl child and said a prayer that she told me many times.  “Great Spirit, thank you for allowing me to care for this child.  I will love her and care for her, yet I know she is yours from beginning to end.  Let her feet walk the path you have placed before her in grace and beauty.  Truly I thank you for this gift.”

     Never in any portion of this conscious life would I have planned or written the journey I have had.  Neither my mother nor myself ever thought we would end up caring for each other, as mother-daughter, sisters, or woman to woman on such a heart wrenching, intense, and beautiful path.  Just as she told Great Spirit that she would care for me in my beginning, I told the Great Light before I came into this world, I would care for her in the end.  Life is circles within circles of beginnings and endings, births and deaths.   This experience is but one of them.

     And now, I too, can say, “Truly, Sacred Mother, Great Father, I thank you for this gift.”
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